Harmonie Whisky par Alfred Giraud
  • Harmonie Whisky par Alfred Giraud



Produced in limited quantity by access to exceptional barrels, this whiskey is a blend of three unshrouded French malt distillates.



These three distillates are then housed in three types of casks: a majority containing very old cognacs, new French oak barrels from Limousin and new oak barrels.

The blend is then aged exclusively in barrels containing very old cognacs then assembled with a slightly peated French malt distillate before being relocated in the same barrels of very old cognacs.


On the nose, the complex, balanced and elegant aromas of old cognac oak with a touch of smoke

On the palate, after a brisk attack, a balance between the fruity floral fragrance and a discrete hint of peat.



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With almost a hundred years' experience in the production of some of the most highly prized cognacs, the Giraud family has drawn on its perfect mastery of blending to give birth to a new tradition, that of French malt whisky, both bold and remarkably refined, a subtle balance between nature and human creativity.

Alfred Giraud controls the production of his malts from grain to glass. Convinced that a whisky begins with the best ingredients, no compromises are made when developing his creations in small quantities.

His whiskies are made from the finest French barley, malted in his malting plant in the Hautes Vosges and then distilled at the Saint Palais distillery in Charente Maritime. The Giraud family owns a collection of exceptional casks and a forestry operation in the Limousin region, which they use to mature their whiskies. Blending has run in the veins of this family of cask makers and cellar masters since 1873: it is the heritage, the family heritage is Alfred GIRAUD's greatest asset, making it possible to combine the best malts to give life to a whisky that is greater than the sum of its ingredients, creating a true experience halfway between craft and creation.

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