Voyage Whisky par Alfred Giraud
  • Voyage Whisky par Alfred Giraud



Double Malt - Triple Wood - Natural Color - Non Chill-Filtered

The Exploratory Range is driven by our desire to create inventive, balanced flavors while highlighting the unique tastes of France.



VOYAGE, our first creation in this range, is a blend of two single malts, one leaning on fruity notes and the other on notes of grain. 

Each is matured in barrels with bold characteristics, new French robinia & Sauternes casks.

Our cellar master reaches the perfect balance by blending the two spirits prior to the final aging in cognac casks.

Whisky maker’s notes :

Nose: White flower, custard and honey, balanced with black currant and ripe grapes.

Palate: Soft and round with a sophisticated sweetness. Matured sweet grape, fresh flower and acacia honey are balanced by a bold structure.

Finish: Luxurious mouth feel, sweet floral complexity with a slight presence of wood on the finish.